Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Wedding: Kate Middleton May Host A Wild Bachelorette Party

Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Wedding: Kate Middleton May Host A Wild Bachelorette Party PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/US Embassy Canada |

Pippa Middleton is getting married soon and Kate Middleton may throw her baby sister a wild party. Bacheclorette parties are part of the pre-wedding traditions that is practiced around the world. While the men have their own parties with their friends, the women also take the bride to be out to celebrate before her wedding day.

While Pippa is not getting married into the royal family, her marriage is still getting quite a lot of publicity. This extra publicity is not stopping her from having a bachelorette party and that is what Kate wants to give her. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate is planning a wild party to make it a weekend to remember.

The Middleton sisters were known to party hard when they were much younger. In fact, Kate was photographed many times going in and out of nightclubs before marrying Prince William in 2011. Now, the Duchess of Cambridge wants to relive the good old times with her sister before she gets married to James Matthews.

There word is that Pippa will not be having Kate Middleton as part of her bridal party or have a role in her wedding either. She allegedly does not want her sister to overshadow her on her wedding day. Instead, Kate plans to have a gathering for her sister in the Swiss Alps.

Pulling Out All The Stops

According to Life & Style, Kate Middleton has spared no expenses for her sister and fifteen of her closest friends. Some of the activities include, massages, ice skating, snow mobiling, and skiing. The duchess even hired private chefs to cook a 10-course tasting dinner with some of Pippa’s own dishes. There are even rumors of a surprise performance by Ellie Golding and some bigger stars.

Pippa has not commented on the party and the wedding yet. She seems to be keeping it as private as possible despite the major media coverage its getting. However, there are rumors that Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle will be one of the guests.

Pippa Middleton, 33, and James Matthews, 41, were engaged on July 17, 2016 and will be married on May 20, 2017. James is the chief executive of Eden Rock Capital Management Group. He has also attended the same school as Princes William and Harry, before. He and Pippa dated briefly in 2012 before rekindling their relationship again last year.

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