People Believe a Dementor Was Spotted in Africa

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People Believe a Dementor Was Spotted in Africa PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Locals in the town of Kitwe, Zambia were horrified after they spotted a seemingly massive human-shaped figure floating in the clouds. The incident took place over the Mukuba Mall. The apparition looked like a Dementor in the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter Dementors spotted in Africa

The figure in the clouds looked as if it is one of the supernatural beings from J.K. Rowling’s novels. The dark humanoid figure runs about 100 meters long. The apparition petrified the locals who saw it.

The apparition from the sky had a large head and torso like the Dementors of the Harry Potter universe. The image had long, flowing tail-shaped feet. Apparently, the witnesses who saw the apparition in the clouds flew in terror. Some people began praying, while the others seemingly started worshiping, mistaking the apparition as a manifestation of God. Others ran in horror thinking that it might be the incarnation of the devil.

The apparition remained in the sky for 30 minutes before it dissolved from sight. An eyewitness even said, “We were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes. Some started worshiping but others ran away. It was so strange.” The mysterious dense black shape seemed like it was made from a different material from the clouds.

Dementors a.k.a soul suckers

The Harry Potter books had a lot of monsters but the Dementors are one of the most horrifying creatures of the series. A Dementor is a wraith-like dark creature that glides into the air. The book considered them as one of the foulest creatures to inhabit the world. The British Ministry of Magic employed these creatures to guard the Azkaban Prison.

Dementors feed on human happiness. The creatures cause depression and despair to any person near them. The Dementors also consume a human soul, which leave their victims in a permanent vegetative state. Harry Potter fans often referred to these creatures as the ‘soul-sucking fiends.’ These creatures often leave a person as an ‘empty shell.’

Happy thoughts and a ‘patronus’ can deter a Dementor

J.K. Rowling modeled the Dementors on depression. In the Harry Potter universe, wizards or people can repel the Dementors by thinking happy thoughts and chanting a spell called ‘Expecto Patronum.’ The spell will conjure a silvery vapor patronus that will fight the soul-sucking creature. The patronus is a silvery vapor which takes the form of an animal. A patronus also protects the witch or the wizard which employed it. It can also be specific to every witch or wizard.

Experts have not confirmed the apparition sighting in Zambia. There are theories claiming that it could simply be a cloud formation made from different substances. Others speculated that it could simply be a work of photo shop.

Source: The Sun

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