Pathfinder Technological Weapons: Donald Trump Mexico Border Could Be Invisible

Pathfinder Technological Weapons: Donald Trump Mexico Border Could Be Invisible United States / Mexico Ocean Border Fence (Tony Webster/FLICKR) with CC BY 2.0

The earlier pronouncements made by United States President-elect Donald Trump on building a physical wall within the U.S.-Mexico border has been met with criticism. Lawmakers and foreign relations experts, both here and abroad, heavily opposed the decision. But it seemed that there’s no sign of stopping Trump, who had a fair share of criticism even from his own party mates.

Trump previously vowed to build a physical barrier that would eventually isolate Mexico from the continental U.S. This decision, however, did not sit well with many politicians. But recent reports indicated that the wall could be invisible and primarily intended for surveillance, Inverse reported.

Robert Jones, a counter-threat technology expert at the Applied Research Associates (ARA), said that although this may sound complicated, this is not an alien concept in the battlefield. In fact, military all over the world are using a technology called the expendable unattended ground sensor (E-UGS). The device, also known as the Pathfinder, basically detects intruders that move within the 30-meter radius.

US – Mexico Wall

Once an unsuspecting person enters within the UGS’ 30-meter range, it sends signals to an operator remotely stationed elsewhere. Within a few minutes, operatives will rush to apprehend the person trying to sneak in the boarder. This is basically the scenario that would likely happen once Trump officially assumes office.

“For ARA, it gives us obviously an opportunity to use this technology down there. This technology has been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Jones said. The Pathfinder is an inexpensive device the size of a thermos, which roughly costs between $499 and $549.

But the plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico has caused turmoil among lawmakers in the country. Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela is one of the local politicians who expressed displeasure with the decision. Vela told Fox News that Mexico is a friend, not an enemy of the U.S.

“It is our second-largest trading partner, and building a wall between two countries with such important ties is a senseless and wasteful exercise,” Vela lamented. He is part of the growing number of Democrat politicians openly opposing Trump’s policy to build a Mexico-U.S. border wall.

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