Paradoxal Stingray Supersonic Travel Jet to Take Passengers From LA to Sydney in Less Than Four Hours

Paradoxal Stingray Supersonic Travel Jet to Take Passengers From LA to Sydney in Less Than Four Hours Paradoxal by Imaginactive (Imaginactive/YouTube)

Traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney may be as quick as four hours with a groundbreaking aircraft called the Paradoxal. Although it is still a concept, this could pave way for newer and more advanced generations of commercial aircrafts.

Industrial Engineer Charles Bombardier described his newest concept as interesting and less complicated. The aircraft is capable of flying at a speed of hypersonic velocity. In fact, that is one of its main selling points among other new designs of commercial aircrafts.

Powerful Engine

The Paradoxal resembles a stingray and is eyed to sport a R4E engine with a gas turbine concept commonly used in the aviation industry. Although Bombardier’s design looks like a spacecraft, he said it would still use materials commonly used by other commercial planes.

“It’s obvious the world hungers for a quantum leap in faster global passenger transportation and the Paradoxal aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists in dreaming and building it in a not too distant future,” Bombardier wrote in an article in The Globe and Mail.

Its powerful engine and ultra-lightweight materials would enable it to reach an altitude as high as 60,000 feet. It is also capable of reaching roughly 40 miles high cruising level above the stratosphere.

Crazy G-Force

But as the aircraft ascends, G-forces become a serious concern. NASA aerospace engineer Rebecca Farr, though, said that its flying condition might not be ideal for civilian flyers. Farr collaborated with Bombardier to develop Paradoxal.

“The most efficient suborbital G-flight path is probably not comfortable for most civilian passengers. That would be a problem for trajectory analysts to solve,” Farr noted, as quoted by Forbes.

The Paradoxal flies at Mach 3 on a parabolic trajectory, somewhat similar to other modern commercial planes. The developers said that the best part of riding this pioneering commercial jet is the view above.

Since it flies way above the stratosphere, it offers a majestic view of the Earth and stars. Passengers would experience brief periods of weightlessness before descending. They are also treated to the view of the Earth’s horizon.

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