Obamas’ Dog bit Malia’s friend in the Face at the White House

Obamas’ Dog bit Malia’s friend in the Face at the White House The first family phot from U.S. Department Of Agriculture / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Sunny, one of the First Dogs, bit a guest at the White House on Monday. The guest was Malia Obama’s friend and was petting the Portuguese Water dog when the attack happened.

Pets are a good creatures to have around the house, but, sometimes not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Owning a pet is easy, you just have to go to a pet store and buy a pet from them.

However, the responsibility of owning a pet is different since it is a lifelong commitment. The latest news on a dog attack is all about the Obama’s family dog.

President Barack Obama loves pets, particularly his two dogs. Bo and Sunny are Portuguese Water Dogs that are not usually aggressive during family events. If they were aggressive in any way, the family would not be bringing them everywhere they go.

Bad Dog

Recent reports revealed that the first family’s younger pet, four-year-old Sunny, bit an 18-year old girl on her face. This will not end up in a lawsuit, as the news was quick to note that the girl was one of Malia Obama’s friends. She was actually visiting the White House on Monday.

According to TMZ, the girl leaned down to pet and kiss the pup but wound up getting bitten instead. She posted on Snapchat and showed her wound bleeding.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the President’s physician, immediately took a look at her and gave her stitches to close it up. The teen was reportedly upset after learning she will have a small scar from it.

Portuguese Water Dogs are generally a docile breed but this was not the first time Sunny misbehaved in front of guests. Sunny had jumped on a two-year-old girl during a White House Christmas party for military families in 2013.

Mischievous Pup

The family never had that problem with their eight-year old “First Dog” Bo. He’s been considerably more upstanding than Sunny. In fact, according to Daily Mail, she’s been harder to potty train as well. But lately, she has reported to have gotten better at it.

President Obama recounted the time that Sunny had defecated near the Lincoln Bedroom and his office. She considered “outside” to be anywhere outside a particular room and never understood that it meant her “crate.” Thus, she leaves little gifts here and there, and she knows that she’s done something bad.


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