As North Korea Accelerates Its Nuclear Development, The Public’s Questions Arises

As North Korea Accelerates Its Nuclear Development, The Public’s Questions Arises PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Stefan Krasowski | Under CC BY 2.0

North Korea will continue to pursue its nuclear and missile programs. A diplomat from Pyongyang warned that the regime is also developing a ‘pre-emptive first-strike capability’. With the increasing threat of nuclear war, the public cannot help but ask why North Korea is adamant to accelerate its genocidal weapons.

Here are some answers to the public’s questions about the nuclear program of North Korea:

Would the regime launch a preemptive strike?

The regime might launch a preemptive strike only if dictator Kim Jong Un felt that North Korea will be under attack. He might look at how the U.S. attacked Iraq in 2003. Jong Un’s primary goal is for the regime’s survival not to commit suicide. Presumably, he is aware that a nuclear attack would only result in his annihilation. It is probable that Jong Un looks at his nuclear program as a form of blackmail, to prevent a planned attack on Pyongyang.

As of the moment, the regime does not have a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) or a nuclear device. However, the government seemed to work hard to achieve both such weapons. Robert Litwak of the Wilson Center stated, “North Korea is on the verge of a strategic breakout.” Many analysts believe that the regime is acting hostile to pressure the U.S. into negotiations. Philip Coyle of the Center for Arms Control stated, “What North Korea wants is for us to stop threatening them and to talk with them.”

What is the regime’s goal?

The Kim dynasty strenuously pursued nuclear weapons ever since the Korean War ended. Jong Un’s father, Jong Il, made the nuclear program as his regime’s identity. He rallied his isolated country around a nationalistic goal.

Two decades have passed, various U.S. administrations tried to reach out to North Korea. The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations required the regime to give up its nuclear programs in return for aid. Nonetheless, North Korea managed to cheat every deal. The regime violated the 1994 agreement of freezing is nuclear reactors. In 2003, the regime announced that it had nuclear weapons which resulted from the six-party talks from the U.S. Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea. The regime agreed to shut down the program in exchange for an aid.

Unfortunately, the nuclear development renewed itself. After Jong Un came to power after his father’s death in 2011, the North’s nuclear and missile testing had a dramatic increase. Trump’s administration fueled the North’s desire even more. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that they already ended the country’s strategic patience with Pyongyang.

Ever since he came to power, what has been Jong Un’s activities?

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Jong Un’s activities involved threatening neighbors as well as the U.S. with utter destruction with his nuclear weapons. In the past 16 months, Jong Un’s regime tested two nuclear bombs and more than 30 missiles.

Pyongyang claims to test hydrogen devices which are more powerful than fission weapons. There are no clarifications if the claim is true. The explosions of hydrogen bombs can double the strength of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. Some experts estimated that the regime built 20 nuclear bombs so far.

Earlier in March, the regime launched four ballistic missiles. The missiles fell into the sea inside Japan’s economic zone. The move angered Japan due to a threat that the missiles’ test brings. The North’s aggressive move came after the joint military exercises of U.S. and South Korea, which the regime believed is a preparation to attack their country.

Source: CNN

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