Nolan’s Batman Actor Was Considered To Play Han Solo’s Mentor

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Nolan’s Batman Actor Was Considered To Play Han Solo’s Mentor Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Facebook

Christopher Nolan’s version of The Batman is by far considered to be the best cinematic adaptation. But half of the credit goes to Christian Bale for bringing life into the fictional character and portraying himself as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Before Batman, Christian Bale has been known for playing many achieving roles in Hollywood. Movies like American Psycho and The Machinist are the few that left the audience awestruck by his performance.

Recently, it was revealed that Christian Bale was considered to play another fictional role. Moreover, the role could have been the perfect replacement for Bale from playing Batman.

Batman Actor Was In Disney List To Play Han Solo’s Mentor

It has been revealed that Christina Bale was one of the big actors considered to play as Han Solo’s mentor. A tweet by Hollywood Reporter’s writer Borys Kit unveiled, “before Woody Harrelson, CHRISTIAN BALE was the other big name in the mix.” Fans can check out the tweet below.

Unfortunately, the tweet also confirmed that Nolan’s Batman actor is no longer in discussion for the role. Currently, fans can only expect Disney and Lucasfilm chooses the perfect actor from Hollywood to play as Han Solo’s mentor.

Fans must note that Woody Harrelson has also not yet been confirmed to play as Han Solo’s mentor. The Zombieland actor is still in early talks to play the role.

Christian Bale No Longer In Discussion For The Role

Star Wars anthology movie “Han Solo” will be releasing on May 25th, 2018. The film will be directed by Phill Lord and Christopher Miller.

Phil Lord is known for directing “The Lego Movie”, 21 and 22 Jump Street.” Moreover he is also the producer for “The Lego Batman Movie.”  Chris Miller has also worked on the same title as director and producer along with Lord.

It has been revealed “Han Solo” movie will take place before the events of “Star Wars” Episode IV- A New Hope.” Moreover, its all set to begin production in February.