Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Reportedly Using Android Nougat OS Based on CyanogenMod 14

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Reportedly Using Android Nougat OS Based on CyanogenMod 14 Nokia Lumia 520 с Windows Phone 8.1 from Enterely/Wikimedia Commons with CC BY-SA 4.0

The Nokia 6 Android smartphone is the company’s first device after it returned to the smartphone business under HMD. The announcement was the biggest surprise during the CES 2017. A week after the unit’s announcement, Nokia 6 is making headlines again. The unit is reportedly using the CyanogenMod 14.

It seems like Nokia 6 is running its user interface based on CyanogenMod 14. Users who navigate to the unit’s settings menu will find something unusual. After accessing the settings menu, the user will have to click the software sub-menu and scroll down. The user will see the sign “cm,” which many people believe means CM 14.

Did Nokia utilized CyanogenMod 14 for the Nokia 6 smartphone?

A photo showing Nokia 6’s setting seemed to confirm that the unit uses CM 14 instead of creating its own UI. If the company used so, it would mean that it did not create its own UI for Nokia 6. Using the CM 14 is not a bad thing, but it should be noted that the CyanogenMod will re-brand itself to Lineage OS.

There are speculations that Nokia might prepare its own software in the future. The public is waiting for the company’s press conference scheduled on February 26. However, there is no confirmation that it will launch a new flagship during the event.

As of the moment, Nokia hasn’t clarified rumors about the CM 14 on Nokia 6. Phandroid reported that Nokia 6 is not running on such, though. According to the report, people have mistaken some signs and letter from the photo.

In the software sub-menu of the unit, it did not specify that the phone utilized CM 14. Nonetheless, a text caught the attention of people. The menu showed “cm@cm-build-c14#1” and mistook it as CM 14 for the Nokia 6. Moreover, the CyanogenMod was called CM 14.1, which has the same numbers from the text on Nokia 6’s settings menu. Phandroid stated that “cm” might stand for the word”‘community” instead of CyanogenMod. The report clarified that this is simply a probability.

Nokia has yet to clear up the confusion. Whether it is CyanogenMod or not, Nokia fans are speculating on the progress the company is making. NDTV reported that Nokia 6 is estimated to cost around $250. Fans have to wait a little longer since the device is still exclusive to China.

The public continues to dispute about the interpretation of ‘cm’ for Nokia 6

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