No ‘Resident Evil’ for Nintendo Switch, Capcom and Nintendo not Working Together

No ‘Resident Evil’ for Nintendo Switch, Capcom and Nintendo not Working Together PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/taymtaym |

The whole gaming world is looking forward to Nintendo Switch, but Resident Evil may not be making the console. There are a lot of games that are already making versions for the Switch. However, Capcom will not be making a Switch version of their most successful franchise.

The Resident Evil franchise has been around for years and has expanded from video games to other media. There were a number of films made and even some novelizations as well. Now gamers are looking forward to returning to the franchise’s roots in the latest game.

None For Switch

Unfortunately, those who plan on getting the Nintendo Switch may be disappointed as Capcom will not be bringing their zombie franchise to the new console. According to Gamespot, Capcom is interested in making games for the new console, but it will be focusing on other games. Their only reason for leaving it out is that the Switch is a unique piece of hardware. This may mean, the Resident Evil graphics, system, and the like might not fare well on the console if the production is rushed.

Producer Masachika Kawata was the one who announced that Resident Evil 7 will not be making the console. At the same time he is excited for the new possibilities of the system. Since Capcom is an official development partner, perhaps the zombie franchise may make it to Switch in the future.

Back To Roots

The Resident Evil 7 game will be released next week and fans are already looking forward to it. Capcom has reverted back to its roots by keeping it in first-person mode almost entirely. Plus, the emphasis is put on the tension, scares and puzzles of the game. This is because not many fans were happy with Resident Evil 6 as it became an action horror game and not anymore a survival horror game.

According to PC Gamer, executive producer Jun Takeuchi took their feedback and used it to improve the seventh game installment. He shared that it was perfect timing because the company really wanted to reevaluate how the game was being made. So the company decided to focus on the sense of fear in order to immerse the players in the game.


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