No Leaked PlayStation Plus Free Games Line Up This Time, February 2017 Roster Could Be Announced Next Week

No Leaked PlayStation Plus Free Games Line Up This Time, February 2017 Roster Could Be Announced Next Week PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/William Hook |

PlayStation owners are looking forward to finding out the new PS Plus Free games for the month of February. However, it seems like there are no any reliable leaks so far. Sony’s major lock down on the details means that interested gamers will have to be patient and wait for the official list to come out.

There are a lot of games that are out on the market for players to try out. Most of the games have to be bought separately through a physical store or online. However, there are some exclusives that can only be obtained in special events. The PlayStation Plus Members, in particular, will be able to get extra freebies.

Other things members can get are first dibs on some games. Unfortunately, none of the PlayStation Plus game titles were revealed. So fans will have to wait until February 7 to find out the official list. However, players will be glad to know the confirmed freebie for January and February.

Other PlayStation Plus Perks

According to Gamespot, the game Paragon will be celebrating its first year anniversary. To celebrate, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the booster pack for free. It has the estimated value of $26 and includes a lot of cool stuff.

The PlayStation Blog revealed it will have a Moon viper skin for Khaimera, 200 in-game currency Paragon coins, and one loot crate and key. There will also be a 10-day EXP boost to level up and claim Master Challenge rewards faster. In addition to that, there will also be the 10-Day Rep boost, which will help players gain reputation for card packs.

PlayStation Plus member can download the booster pack from the PlayStation Store. It is only available until February 21. Players will also be glad to know that Paragon’s 27th hero will be revealed on January 31.

January List

In other news, the PlayStation Plus January 2017 line up is still available until the end of the month. There are no triple-A games on the list, but it does have a number of top indie games available. Games like Day Of The Tentackle Remastered, This War Of Mine: The Little Ones, Blaze Rush, The Swindle, Azkend 2, and Titan Souls are available for download.


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