Nintendo Switch Possible Release Date, Price and Games Leaked

Nintendo Switch Possible Release Date, Price and Games Leaked Nintendo from Jeramey Jannene / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s next venture into the gaming console market. Every year, there is anticipation for the next big thing in technology, and every year, companies are looking to add more features to their newest products. Now, it seems like people have their sights set on Nintendo’s “next big thing.”

Nintendo has been teasing the Switch since last year, but it hasn’t announced official details regarding its release. The good news is that 2017 is the year gamers will finally experience the Nintendo Switch.

The Price

According to Express, there was a price leak for UK customers after online retailer GameSeek accidentally updated its listing. It noted that the console will cost around $245. However, interested buyers will have to pre-order to get the price.

It was revealed that the actual cost of the Switch might be higher when it is bought from retail stores. This is because retailers traditionally add and set their own prices on consoles.

Pre-orders went live on other retailers posting hefty price tags. Despite the official price speculated at $366, there are other prices that cost lower than $200. Nintendo has confirmed nothing yet.

Games Just For Switch

While many are focusing their attention on the price of the console itself, there are a lot of other things to look at. The games included, for one, are worth anticipating.

According to IGN, there are around fourteen games that will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Games like “Just Dance 2017,” “Sonic 2017,” “Dragon Quest XI” and “Dragon Quest XL:The Five Awakening Races Online,” and “Yooka-Laylee.”

There is also “Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom,” “Lego City Undercover,” “Rime,” and “Cube Life: Islang Survival.” There is also one untitled Steamworld game in the list.

Nintendo will be releasing its own games for the console, such as “Splatoon Switch” and “Mario Kart Switch.” The most anticipated release is “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of Wild.”

The console’s release date is speculated to be on March 17, 2017. The release dates of the games, on the other hand, have yet to be announced.


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