NFL: Why The San Francisco 49ers Could Give Chip Kelly The Pink Slip

NFL: Why The San Francisco 49ers Could Give Chip Kelly The Pink Slip San Francisco 49ers Travis Wise / Flickr

The San Francisco 49ers are on the verge of finishing the 2016 NFL season with one of the worst records in the league and head coach Chip Kelly is taking the heat. Despite his credibility, Kelly’s magic is simply not working for the team.

Chip Kelly is a popular name in football, but if the philosophy does not work, all that goes down the drain. He has been under fire for his management of the 49ers and the woeful record has gotten many anticipating his dismissal. But will he actually get the pink slip?

Under normal circumstances, the easy answer is seeing Kelly being fired after the current season. Back that up with woeful stats, the 49ers are likely waiting for the season to end before letting heads roll, NFL Spin Zone reported.

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One thing holding back dismissal is that Kelly has been around and has only been at the helm for a year. As most know, no team can turn to an instant contender overnight. Hence, firing after one season seems too early so he may just stay on.

Hence, the 49ers may eventually part with Kelly but likely sometime next season. This is the assumption that no improvement is done to retool the team and the losing continues.

Evaluating the Chip Kelly Experiment

When Kelly took the job, he was pretty aware of what he was getting himself into, Yahoo Sports reported. He had one of the worst rosters and the understanding was for him to whip up the club as soon as he can.

That hardly happened this 2016 NFL season so it may be premature to pass judgment on how Kelly has handled the club. The offseason can give him ample time to make personnel changes, which justify why the 49ers may not be kicking him out just yet. But again, it all depends on what the 49ers top honchos call.