NFL: Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo Partnership Looks Done

NFL: Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo Partnership Looks Done Tony Romo Mike LaChance/ Flickr cc

Veteran quarterback Tony Romo has been relegated to a backup role as the Dallas Cowboys continue to roll. Despite some poor showing by rookie Dak Prescott, it seems team owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett are sticking it out with the latter.

Recently, there were calls by fans to reinstate Romo with Prescott seemingly wilting. Regardless, the Cowboys are sticking with Prescott in an effort to allow him to finish what he started. Through all the madness, Romo has become an observer.

Tony Romo Exiting?

Romo may currently be riding the tide, but the scenario is expected to change in the offseason. A lot hinges on where the Cowboys end up. Dallas could end up winning the NFC East plus a first round bye in the coming days with Romo possibly playing or not, Sports Day reported.

Hence, the fate of Romo could depend on the final NFL season grades. Prescott is still young and needs mentoring, but the 36-year-old veteran is likely to opt for playing time than being a teacher. Hence, he could be on his way out — either via trade or a clean release.

Will Tony Romo Break It Gently?

Tony Romo’s silence has befuddled most, the heat of which is likely to pick up once the current NFL season is over. With Prescott maturing earlier than expected, Romo may opt out and join a team in need of a starting quarterback.

Looking at the teams right now, there are a lot looking for one. There are the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and the Denver Broncos. These teams have young quarterbacks on their end and need a veteran to show the way, Pro Football Talk reported.

If that would be the case, Romo may be better off ending his career with the Cowboys. Jones plans to convince him to stay and everyone knows how fond he is of Romo. Brace yourselves for a rowdy NFL offseason in 2017.