In New Zealand, It’s A Big Marlin That Caught A Fisherman

In New Zealand, It’s A Big Marlin That Caught A Fisherman PHOTOGRAPH: Love To Take Photos/Pixabay | Fisherman Fishing Reel River Rod Fish Catch

A Kiwi fisherman found himself stuck in the sea for six hours after he was pulled into the water by a big marlin off Western Australia.

New Zealand: The Incident

The man from New Zealand was fishing by himself when he caught the large fish about 55 kilometers off the North West Cape yesterday. He was then pulled into the water.

Another fisherman informed authorities after seeing the man’s empty boat travelling at normal speed.

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According to the NZ Herald, the fisherman was in his 20s. He was discovered in the water after several boats got involved in the search. Rescuers stated that the man was lucky to survive.

Rusty Elli, the commander of the Exmouth Volunteers Marine Rescue Group, said that the rescuers made it possible to get the search done as fast as possible. He also said that everybody is relieved after the fisherman was discovered. The situation could have been more disastrous, said Ellis.

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The man suffered from hypothermia and shock. He was immediately treated at the Exmouth Hospital.

New Zealand: Advice For Others

Water temperature sat at around 26 degrees compared to cooler levels days earlier, as per

“The amount of hypothermia that he got wasn’t as bad as it could have been,” Ellis said, warning other visitors and fishermen to reconsider solo voyages. “If something like this happens, you have nobody to back you up.”

Elliis added recommended vessels to have a safety mechanism. “Most vessels these days are fitted with safety leads to cut the motor should you fall over and they should be attached to your wrist.”

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