New Alien: Covenant Trailer Release Date Has Ties To Logan

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New Alien: Covenant Trailer Release Date Has Ties To Logan PHOTOGRAPH: Youtube/BD Horror Trailers And Clips |

The next Alien: Covenant is a film that cult fanatics of the original film will be thrilled to see. There are some classic sci-fi films that just get better every time a new one gets made. Now that technology and film making has advanced, the new films will make a lot of impossible things possible.

Alien is a sci-fi horror franchise that focuses on Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley and her battles with the “alien.” Since its debut in 1979, the franchise has already five film installments in total. The latest film installment titled Alien: Covenant is the sequel to the prequel film Prometheus.

New Alien: Covenant New Trailer Release Date

Fans of the franchise do not have to wait long as there are already trailers and sneak peeks online. The latest trailer is confirmed to play before Logan this weekend, as per Deluxe Digital Cinema. It is also a brand new red band trailer full of gore and blood.

According to Bloody Disgusting, it is 15-seconds longer than the first one that was released back in December. There is no doubt that it will have a lot of new footage from the film. Plus, with Sir Ridley Scott in the director’s chair, it may possibly succeed the success of the first film.

The first red band trailer shows two women in sheer panic after one of their crew members gets torn apart by an alien. It then shows Covenant and some of its crew checking out the new paradise planet. Later on it shows the chaos and destruction that follows after they discover the planet is not safe.

New Dangers Await on New Alien: Covenant

According to Cinemablend, the film focuses on the colony ship called Covenant on its journey to a remote planet at the end of a galaxy. Those on the ship believe that they managed to find an uncharted paradise. However, the planet oasis then reveals itself to be a dangerous world with a monster set out to kill them all.

An interesting tidbit is that Scott gave out a clue that fanatics will enjoy. He promised the new film would answer questions that audiences had after seeing Prometheus. He notes, “Covenant is going to show you who did it and why.”

The Alien: Covenant will hit movie theatres on May 19 2017. It will be the third Alien film directed by Ridley Scott and a first for writer John Logan. The cast stars Michale Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, and Danny McBride. Actors James Franco, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce will also be appearing in the film.

Youtube/BD Horror Trailer And Clips

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