Netflix Releases iBoy Trailer, Sci-Fi Movie Starring Maisie Williams, Details

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Netflix Releases iBoy Trailer, Sci-Fi Movie Starring Maisie Williams, Details PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/viviandnguyen_ | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Maisie William recently played a new role for a Netflix Sci-Fi original movie titled iBoy. While the trailer initially gained its momentum due to casting of the GOT actress, it now stands out for its unique and mysterious Sci-Fi plot.

The trailer has succeeded in serving as a teaser to the audience. However, it also gave fans a glimpse at its plot.

The movie seems to center on a teenager named Tom played by Bill Milner.  An average high school kid who “fancies” over Maisie William character named Lucy.

Unfortunately, Tom’s life takes a turn after being shot during a violent act involving Lucy. However, it also transforms him into a person with abilities that can only be compared to modern tech telekinesis.

iBoy Is A Netflix Original Based On A Sci-Fi Movie

The synopsis and trailer reveal that “fragments of his smartphone have been embedded in his head.” The incident leaves Tom scarred for life but also with super powers that can listen in on phone calls and control modern tech products.

The trailer reveals that Lucy might be a victim to abuse in the movie. Tom sets on a journey to take revenge on the gang responsible for the act. However, it looks like the teenage high scholar gets involved into matters much bigger than his world.

While the plot suggests Tom has powers that can control and manipulate tech, the trailer leaves us questioning whether his powers can extend to manipulation of physical products as well. A scene involving a fight at 1:44 is the best example.

Trailer Reveals Protagonist’s Ability To Control And Manipulate Modern Tech

iBoy will be hitting theaters on January 27. The movie was directed by Adam Randall and scripted by Joe Barton.

The Netflix Sci-Fi original movie is inspired from Kevin Brook’s book iBoy. The book has received acclaimed reviews. A review by the guardian also said the story is “both gripping and profound.” Check it out here.

Maise Williams is quite known for playing as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones. However, the actress has also explored roles in movies with current generation plots.

Earlier in 2015, the actress played as Casey in “Cyberbully.” The movie also received a BAFTA nomination in 2016 for “Best Single Drama.”

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