Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movie: The Discovery Reviews In, Dark Plot Explained

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Netflix Original Sci-Fi Movie: The Discovery Reviews In, Dark Plot Explained PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/viviandnguyen_ | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

A sci-fi film titled The Discovery acquired by Netflix last summer has managed to gain positive reviews from critics. Unlike blockbusters that depend on aesthetic VFX, this movie seems to have impressed viewers with its plot. Directed by Charlie McDowell, The Discovery is a Sci-Fi movie that shows us a world where “the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified.”

Moreover, its mysterious plot involves a romantic love story as well. The trailer initially establishes Jason Segel as Will and Rooney Mara as Isla. The two are shown falling in love as the world around them continues to change.

The Discovery is an Indie Sci-Fi Movie

In The Discovery, Dr. Thomas Harber, played by Robert Redford, is shown to have scientific proof confirming that soul leaves the human body upon death.  The event has led to mass suicides. People in the society decide to choose death over a miserable life in the living world.

Will is the son of Dr. Thomas Harber. Unlike his father, Will does nit seem to accept his recent discovery. During this moment he cross paths with Isla.

The Verge wrote that The Discovery belongs to an “inspirational sci-fi pseudo-romance” genre. The movie gives the audience a look into a world taking an exit for afterlife as Will and Isla are shown discovering each other’s past tragic life.

The Movie Shows The Existence Of An After Life

The movie has been rated 9 out 10 by Slash Film. “What makes The Discovery an outstanding piece of sci-fi is that it’s not just about the story that is beyond belief, but the characters in it,” Slash Film noted. Fans must note that The Discovery is an indie sci-fi film. Fans can watch it via Netflix on March 31. Currently, The Discovery has received 8.0 out of 10 on IMDb.  But it is subject to change as the masses begin rating it.

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