NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 14 Spoilers: Air Date Delayed, Hetty In Rogue Mode, Agent Kidnapped

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 14 Spoilers: Air Date Delayed, Hetty In Rogue Mode, Agent Kidnapped PHOTOGRAPH: André Gustavo Stumpf/ Flicker |

There has been many rumors about the NCIS Los Angeles season 8 series and the next episode will put those rumors to sleep. Last year the show went through a lot of different difficulties and its just the same this year. This time the agents are getting framed for crimes they did not commit. This only means that the mole is hard at work.

New Drama

The upcoming episode “Under Siege” definitely has a lot of drama unfolding, as the mole is getting more active. First off Hetty, played by Linda Hunt, runs off all of a sudden. Going rogue is something Hetty is not usually associated with, so the team is put in a fix. The abandoned team has to be self-sufficient, as no one really knows what to do without Hetty.

However, this is not the end of the teams woes. According to Blasting News, the mole has made his move. While losing Hetty is already a red flag for big trouble, the cunning mole will reportedly kidnap one of the NCIS agents. Unfortunately, there are not any details, or speculations, on which agent will be abducted.

In The Future

This kidnapping can only mean one thing for the team, which is how will they get their teammate back? So there is a possibility that the next episodes will consist of a retrieval mission. On the other hand, there could be an episode dedicated to figuring out who the mole is once and for all, CarterMatt noted.

Lastly, the latest development in the previous has Granger, played by Miguel Ferrer, ending up comatose in the hospital. He apparently woke up drugged with the woman who has been targeting him. There is no doubt that he has been completely set up.

In other news, Miguel Ferrer just passed away on Thursday at the age of 61. He reportedly suffered from cancer. The actor passed away surrounded by family in his home that morning. In light of his death, his character will most likely be cut out of the NCIS Los Angeles series.

The NCIS Los Angeles season 8 episode 14 “Under Siege” will go on air on January 29 on CBS. There will be new episode on Monday. CBS did not give any reason why they decided to move the next episode to January 29.

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