NBA Trade Rumors: Teams Thinking Twice On Trading For Nerlens Noel

NBA Trade Rumors: Teams Thinking Twice On Trading For Nerlens Noel Nerlens Noel Regina / Flickr

Nerlens Noel may be back in harness, but his knees have been making prospective teams think twice. In his young NBA career, Noel has undergone a couple of knee surgeries. His injury history might be turning interested teams away.

Nerlens Noel’s Durability Questioned

There is no question that when healthy, Noel can be a good rim protector. This was one aspect of his game that caught the eye of several teams in need of a defensive-minded big man.

But for Noel to perform those chores, he needs to stay healthy. He failed to start the current season with yet another knee injury. His knee issues could prevent from finishing a regular season made up of 82 games.

Nerlens Noel Unhappy With Playing Time

Noel made headlines recently with the big man sounding off on his playing time. Coming from injury and the fact that the team is riddled with big men, his minutes have dwindled to just eight per game.

For Noel, he believes that he deserves more playing time than that. However, his habits and injuries have been a reason behind his dip in playing time, Bleacher Report reported.

Moving forward, it would be best for Noel to change his ways and be more cautious when playing on the court. With two knee surgeries during his NBA tenure, playing wisely and keeping close watch on his overall health may be a need to build up interest from other teams.

What Price Is Right For Nerlens Noel?

With Noel technically damaged goods, the Sixers may be limited as far as getting a quality player in exchange. Most are wary of the battle-scarred center-forward, meaning his trade value may have dipped.

Hence, an immediate trade may not be plausible and Noel will have to ride it out for now. With a crowded front line, getting eight-minutes worth of action may be suffice for the former first-round pick at least for now, NBC reported.

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