NBA: Miami Heat Vet Goran Dragic Addresses Trade Rumors

NBA: Miami Heat Vet Goran Dragic Addresses Trade Rumors Goran Dragic Joseph Glorioso Photography/ Flickr cc

Miami Heat star guard Goran Dragic has been visiting the NBA trade rumor mill lately and the Slovenian finally set the records straight. He is happy in South Beach and intends to stay there.

The Miami Heat are technically in rebuild mode and Dragic is part of the process. Together with Hassan Whiteside, both spearhead the Miami Heat roster moving into a new era. That said, the expectations are high and Dragic needs to keep his A-game up.

Goran Dragic Wants To Stay With Miami Heat

Goran Dragic is aware of the trade rumors but made it clear that he isn’t going anywhere. He denied the rumors and capped it off by saying that none of them were true via the Sun Sentinel.

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“I feel comfortable in Miami. I feel great,” he said. “We have a young team. I really got connected with the young guys, and I feel young, too, with them, and I would like to stay here.”

To recap, Dragic found his name in the trade rumor mill following the exit of Dwyane Wade and the failed physical of Chris Bosh, Bleacher Report reported. With the Heat needing to reel in another franchise player, dealing away the Slovenian to make room for the frenzied NBA free agency in 2017 came into play.

All Part Of Being A Pro Baller

Dragic has been in the league long enough to know that all this is part of business. He can burn the hoop and make dazzling plays, but the money angle still counts.

In a way, he admits that all the vicious trade talks are affecting him. But being a pro, he knows as well that he just has to do what is expected of him – play basketball to be best of his abilities.

Hence, it all boils down to seeing him wear the uniform once the Heat are back in tip-top shape. All that depends if he can step up and lead the young crew and blend in with new stars possibly joining the bandwagon soon.