Murder In Iceland: A Killing That Shocked The Nation

Murder In Iceland: A Killing That Shocked The Nation PHOTOGRAPH: Doreen Sawitza | Under Public Domain

Birna Brjánsdóttir, a woman living in Iceland, went missing in January. Her body was then discovered on the coast of the country a few days later. This rare murder, as a result, has generated immense awe within the entire nation.

Murder In Iceland: Missing Woman Found Dead

Brjánsdóttir went missing on January 15, resulting to a national search operation. Citizens were also asked to look for her in their gardens and outbuildings. However, eight days later, the woman’s body was found washed up on the coast. The missing person case took a new turn when it was determined that she was murdered. Since such crime is rare in Iceland, citizens of the country began to feel horrified.

The 20-year-old woman was last seen buying a kebab after leaving a night club located in the capital city of Reykjavik. After several hours, her parents woke up to realize she had not returned home, according to the Independent. During the time she was missing, 800 people joined the search party. This turned out to be the largest search-and-rescue operation in the history of the nation. After the discovery of the body, candlelight vigils took place in Iceland as well as in Greenland.

Brjánsdóttir was a young woman without any link to crime or other issues. Criminologists refer to her profile, having received widespread sympathy, as the “ideal victim.” The major reason for the nationwide shock is basically the sense of communion the people of the nation have for themselves, according to analysis.

Murder In Iceland: Suspects

Police investigation has led to the discovery of two suspects from Greenland, aged 25 and 30. They are sailors, whose boat was anchored on the same beach. The two male suspects were taken into custody in connection with Brjánsdóttir’s disappearance, as per the New Statesman.

One of them, the 30-year-old, has been let go. However, the second suspect will be kept in isolation for two more weeks. Detective chief inspector (DCI) Einar Gudberg Jonsson is in charge of the case.

“A man was released last week after we were satisfied that wasn’t involved in the death of Birna, and that he wasn’t in the car when it happened,” DCI Jonsson said. “We prolonged the second suspect’s time in custody last week. We haven’t yet had the final report from the medical examiner, but it appears Birna got into the car with these men on the high street, meaning it was her and the two men in the vehicle.”

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