Murder of Crows: Portland Police Department’s Rare Photograph Goes Viral

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Murder of Crows: Portland Police Department’s Rare Photograph Goes Viral PHOTOGRAPH: Sergey Kochkarev | Crow from Sergey Kochkarev/Flickr with Public Domain mark 1.0

A picture posted by Portland Police Department on their Facebook page has gone viral but for a very uncanny reason. The news spread that there was a picture of a “murder” of crows available on social media. So, considering the fact that it was posted by a police department, people naturally assumed that it was actually a mass homicide of crows and madly started looking it up online.

A ‘Murder’ of Crows?

What they discovered, however, was something completely different than what they were expecting. But they cannot be blamed for getting confused since most people are unaware that a big group of crows is commonly referred to as a “murder.” Hence, the photograph, while being exquisite, has got nothing to do with the bloodshed or gore.

Walker Berg, a criminologist for the department’s forensic evidence division, clicked a breathtaking picture of crows gathered on snow-covered trees, Huffington Post reported. Since the picture was taken from the 12th floor of the Justice Center, it almost gave a panoramic view of cluster of trees in front. With the camera looking down from above, it looks like a sea of white dotted heavily with black specks.

Needless to say, people were not disappointed with “murder” on a winter’s night, even if it initially took them by surprise. The picture was showered by likes and shares immediately after it was posted on Facebook. Portland is a place where crows like to flock during chilly winters, choosing to migrate in spring.

Crows vs Hawks and Falcons

However, the growing number of the bird has become something of a nuisance lately for the city folk. Almost throughout the winter months, all the pavements and parks in the city are covered in crow droppings, making for an unpleasant time out. The situation has gotten especially bad this year.

Hence, Portland has employed the aid of hawks and falcons to scare the scavengers away. Unfortunately, there is little chance of Portland residents being successful since the black birds are known for their notorious ways. It is highly unlikely that the birds of prey will be able to drive them away. The crows might just get away with a murder after all!

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