Mr Mercedes TV Series Production Update: Filming Continues in Charleston

Mr Mercedes TV Series Production Update: Filming Continues in Charleston PHOTOGRAPH: dennisflarsen/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes is coming to small screen. A ten-episode television adaptation of the detective trilogy is now under production in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S. As big production unit gathered in the small city, money is said to be coming in for the small town as well.

Mr Mercedes TV Series: Filming Continues In Charleston

Production crew for Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes had been shooting for the last few weeks in the small town of Charleston. People behind the production chose Goose Creek, located near the Red Bank Road, as one of the most important production sites. The shoot may have disrupted the resident’s day-to-day lifestyle, but they were all appreciative of the opportunity given for their town.

“I think people, for the most part, enjoy these productions,” said President of the Carolina Film Alliance, Linda Lee, Live 5 News reported. She stated that such productions brings in money into the community. It makes small businesses in the town earn while the production is ongoing, she added.

The publicist for the production, Beau Schuling, added that the shooting would take place through May and would take place in the greater Charleston area. Filming is taking place at locations including Hampton Park, Park Circle, the Cooper River Pier and the International Longshoremen’s Association Hall on Morrison Drive.

Mr Mercedes TV Series: Major Cast And Crew

The book is being adapted for television by David E. Kelley, who is writing it as well. The show is being produced by Sonar and it is being directed by Jack Bender, reported Deadline. Kelley and Bender are the executive producers of the show, along with Temple Hill Entertainment’s Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.

The major cast of the show includes Brendon Gleeson and Harry Treadaway. The cast also included Jharrel Jerome, Scott Lawrence, Robert Stanton, Ann Cusack and others. “It’s an extraordinary cast that’s come together,”Kelley stated.

Kelley continued by saying that he is privileged to work with such an extraordinary cast led by Brendon Gleeson. He said that all the members of the cast in the show are “high-caliber” actors. Furthermore, Joblo reported that Mary-Louise Parker is now included in the cast and would be playing a recurring role.

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