More Users Support Hashtag DeleteFacebook Movement, Should You Follow Suit?

More Users Support Hashtag DeleteFacebook Movement, Should You Follow Suit? PHOTOGRAPH: Stevepb/Pixabay under Creative Commons |

The hashtag #DeleteFacebook has been trending on Twitter following Christopher Wylie’s expose’. He alleged that Cambridge Analytica illicitly acquired the information of 50 million Facebook users to find ways on how to influence them in the last 2017 election. The firm worked with President Donald Trump’s election team and was then headed by Steve Bannon.

On Twitter, many were reminding fellow Facebook users that Facebook was free because the users were its “products.” The support for the hashtag #DeleteFacebook became stronger when WhatsApp co-founder Brian Action tweeted, saying that it really is the time to delete the platform. His comment was remarkable because he sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion in 2014.

As calls to delete Facebook accounts grow louder, CNN advised against it. The publication reminded that the social media platform remains to be the best channel to stay in touch with family and friends who are far away. Facebook also remains to be the best platform for people to interact with support groups, the publication added.

Instead, CNN suggested for Facebook users to clean up their Facebook apps by deleting the suspicious ones or by deleting all apps entirely. Users can also simply uncheck the boxes of the categories that they don’t want the apps to access, such as birthdays, hometown, and political views. This can be done through the Facebook’s App page, under the settings menu.

BuzzFeed News, on the other hand, suggested ways on how to cut back on Facebook usage up until it is entirely removed from the users’ daily routine. It suggested for users to log out from Facebook in all their devices or to delete it from their mobile phones. This way, users will not be tempted to look at notifications and will be compelled to check Facebook only when they really need it, BuzzFeed explained.

BuzzFeed also recommended installing Nanny on desktops. This Chrome extension limits the time that users spend on Facebook and Instagram. It can block URLs at different times within the day. Another option is using the News Feed Eradicator that prevents users from seeing posts that elicit reactions.

Most recently, lawmakers have been calling Mark Zuckerberg to testify against Cambridge Analytica. Sens. John Thune, Roger Wicker, and Jerry Moran had already sent a list of questions for Zuckerberg, The Hill reported. The Republicans are looking forward to having the founder testify in front of the Commerce Committee, the report stated. From the Democrat side, Adam Schiff told The Hill that Zuckerberg, as well as other Facebook officers, should attend future hearings.

European lawmakers were also zeroing in on Zuckerberg. The Facebook owner, however, remained silent amid all this. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told media that the team is currently getting all the facts, highlighting that they were all enraged and believed that they were deceived.