Monkey and Deer Have Sex in Probably World’s First Mating of Different Species

Monkey and Deer Have Sex in Probably World’s First Mating of Different Species Curious George by Yiannis Theologos Michellis (Γιάννης Θεολόγος Μιχελλής) with CC BY-SA 2.0

A new scientific study may have caught a monkey and deer having sex. It has been dubbed the world’s first mating of different species. The study, “Interspecies sexual behaviour between a male Japanese macaque and female sika deer,” recorded and reported instances of “reproductive interference” between the two species in Japan.

The researchers who wrote the study, Marie Pelé, Alexandre Bonnefoy, Masaki Shimada, and Cédric Sueur, noted that sex between animals of different kinds has previously been reported. However, those instances tend to be seen only between species closely related and or look similar to each other.

Additionally, different kinds of animals who have sex are understood in the context of their relationship. The researchers also noted reports of greatly different animals usually seen between species that are born and bred in captivity.

Furthermore, most of those instances comprised a kind of sexual harassment. For example, in previous studies, researchers have observed how Antarctic fur seals harass king penguins.

Monkey and Deer Have Sex

The aforementioned study, though, reports a mating behavior between two wild animals, a female sika deer and a male Japanese macaque on Yakushima Island, Japan. From what the camera has captured, it appears the two animals behave as if the approach was consensual.

According to the same study, Japanese macaques have a history of riding on deer. However, the researchers affirmed that the monkey in their study clearly showed sexual behavior towards several female deer.

“Some of those deer tried to escape – but others apparently consented to the behavior and accepted the mount,” the researchers noted in the journal Primates, as quoted by the Independent.

The researchers also wrote that one deer “seemed to accept to be ridden by the male macaque”; that it was apparently licking sperm the monkey deposited on its back. On the other hand, another deer refused the mount and threw the animal off its back.

Scientists said that the monkey’s strange behavior may be due to “mate deprivation.” It suggests that animals without access to females are more likely to show such behavior.

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