Miss Universe 2017: Miss Colombia Told Steve Harvey ‘People Hate You!’

Miss Universe 2017: Miss Colombia Told Steve Harvey ‘People Hate You!’ PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Bong Salviejos |

The world celebrated with the 65th Miss Universe event in Manila, Philippines. However, the joyous occasion cannot cover the controversy that occurred last year. Miss Universe fans will always remember the mishap done by Steve Harvey. The comedian wrongly announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner when it should be Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach’s name. And now for Miss Universe 2017, the controversial host came face to face with Miss Colombia as he announces the top 13.

Here is the funny exchange between Harvey and Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar:

Harvey: “I want you to marry my son.” “I wanna just ask this for myself, how do people in Colombia feel about Steve Harvey?”

Tovar: “You want the truth?”

Harvey: “A lot of people hate you… but I love you.”

Trovar went on to speak using Spanish.

Harvey: “Is that a death threat?”

Just when everybody thought that the “fun” ended there, the next name on the list to be announced is Miss Philippines Maxine Medina.

Harvey: “Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening again, this is crazy.”

Netizens bashed Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines during Miss Universe 2015

The crowd was horrified and cringed at the mistake last year. Fans all over the world watched as the crown was snatched off from Miss Colombia’s head. Even though Miss Philippines won, it was not a complete celebration on her side. Pia Wurtzbach was not able to make her official walk as the Miss Universe.

The event was made worst by the fact that the fans of Gutierrez and Wurtzbach bashed the two women. Some people sided with Gutierrez, stating that the removal of the crown was traumatizing for her. Some fans stated that even though Wurtzbach won, she was not able to make her first walk and was crowned backstage. Others blamed Steve Harvey for the unforgettable live television mishap of all time.

Independent UK reported that Harvey immediately apologized to the two ladies. He even owned up to incident and said that nobody should blame the two women for his mistake. In spite of the initial backlash, the comedian is back on the Miss Universe stage.

Steve Harvey’s second chance

Bustle weighed in on how the pageant organizers clearly gave the Family Feud host his second chance. As the Miss Universe event started, Harvey addressed the issue that happened last year. He cheerfully told the crowd in the Mall of Asia Arena that he is back. He even disclosed that he paid a heavy price for his mistake last year and promised to do the right thing this year.

There were rumors claiming that the incident last year was staged for the ratings. However, it seems like the pageant’s fans were elated to have Harvey back as long as he does not commit the same mistake again. Harvey already announced the 13 and top 9 semi-finalists. More contestants were eliminated as the contest progressed. The event had the Swimsuit, National Costume, Evening gown, Question and Answer round as well as the Final Look category.

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