Miss Universe 2016 is Becoming Weird: Petrona’s Towers, Great Barrier Reef-inspired Gowns Draw Mixed Reactions

Miss Universe 2016 is Becoming Weird: Petrona’s Towers, Great Barrier Reef-inspired Gowns Draw Mixed Reactions Miss Universe 2017/Facebook

In Miss Universe, a costume is not simply a gown anymore. It is so much more than that. Petrona’s Towers and Great Barrier Reef-inspired costumes will debut during the 65th Miss Universe.

Apart from the coronation night, beauty pageant fans look forward to the costume display. Keeping that in mind, Tourism Undersecretary Kat De Castro has assured people that costume night tickets will be available for as low as P500.

So even of you are unable to afford coronation night tickets, you can definitely attend the costume event! “Rest assured that definitely the pageant fanatics will get their chance to buy the cheaper tickets for the National Costume show,” announced De Castro, as reported by GMA News Online.

Miss Universe Costumes Tell Stories

In this event, contestants get a chance to represent the culture and uniqueness of their nationalities through their getups. This means that no two dresses are the same.

But in present time, national costumes are so much more than mere fashionable clothes. Today, they tell a tale.

Sometimes, the tale is about showcasing the rare architecture in one’s country. Sometimes, the costume becomes a silent protest against the environmental degradation the government is turning a blind eye to.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal is set to dazzle the ramp in a silvery ensemble bearing a miniature a replica of the Petrona’s Twin Towers on both shoulders, according to the New Straits Times. Designers Rizman Nordin and Wan Ruzaini Wan Jamil are behind the futuristic jumpsuit creation, definitely a digression from the traditional norm of the event.

Miss Universe Australia Caris Tiivel, on the other hand, mentioned that her costume will be a tribute to the Great Barrier Reef, reported the Daily Mail. It aims to draw people’s attention to the problem of coral bleaching currently depleting the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef-Inspired Costume

Tiivel will embody colors like pink and blue, representing the hues of the Great Barrier Reef. Her tulle skirt will perfectly compliment a beautiful matching headpiece.

Miss Universe contestants from Australia have been always unconventional in their pick of costumes in the past, since they do not have a national costume per say. Designer Steph Audino has let his vision flow freely when it comes to creating costumes for Miss Universe Australia since 2013. This time is no different.

Jassal and Tiivel run the risk of getting mixed reviews from judges, who are not always too critical when it comes to candidates pushing silent agendas through their costumes. However, Tiivel is confident her costume will stand out among the rest.

“I think its stunning and I think it really represents the Great Barrier Reef in Australia really well,” she said. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the verdict!

Other Inspirational Costumes 2016

Australia and Malaysia are not the only countries stepping up the costume game this year. The following are some of the other inspirational costumes this year:

  • Miss Universe Thailand: It is a modern take on the nationals costume of Thai. The main inspiration behind Chalita Suansane’s costume’s design are pictures of Queen Sirikit.
  • Miss Universe Finland: The fun ensemble is Christmassy and has a giant candy cane for accessory! Going by Christmas tradition, it is red, white and green.
  • Miss Universe Switzerland: Bold as well as majestic is the order of the day for this costume. It is a blend of swimsuit and regal gown put into one!

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