Miss France Iris Mittenaere: Interpreter Wrongly Translated Answer for Question and Answer Round

Miss France Iris Mittenaere: Interpreter Wrongly Translated Answer for Question and Answer Round PHOTOGRAPH: Official Facebook Account/Miss Universe |

The Miss Universe 2016 crown went to Miss France Iris Mittenaere. Top three candidates answered one question from host Steve Harvey. A Filipina-French VJ noted in a tweet that interpreter for Miss France had erroneously translated Miss France’s answer.

Harvey asked Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar, Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier and Miss France Iris Mittenaere with one similar question. “Name something over the course that you failed at and tell us what you learned,” the question went. Here is Mittenaera’s answer as translated by her interpreter:

“I failed several times in my life. I thought that I failed when my name was not on the list for a casting, but the very next day, I found myself in a new book. When you fail you have to be elevated and try again. If I do not win the crown, I still had the great honor of being one of the finalists.”

Immediately after the question and answer portion, Filipina-French VJ, Solenn Heussaf, posted on Twitter. In her post, she said that the interpreter said “first casting” when Miss France had talked about her “first year of medicine school.” Her post can be seen below.

Heussaf is also an actress, TV host, model and a professional make-up artist.  She was one of the official castaways of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown. She made it to the final three.

Her father is Louis Paul Heussaf who formerly served for the French Marine. She graduated from the European International School. She then studied fashion design in Studio Bercot in Paris. She also finished a 6-month course in make-up at L’école Fleurimont, Paris.

Miss Universe 2017: Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar and Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier answers for Question and Answer round

In a subsequent tweet (found below), Heussaf said that Miss France’s real answer was way smarter than with how the interpreter had translated it. In the end, she said that Mittenaere won on her own. Heussaf added that Miss France won not because of the translation. Meanwhile, here are Miss Colombia and Miss Haiti’s answer during the QandA round.

Miss Colombia: “Many times, one makes mistakes about many things… having these moments when you don’t accept someone because of difference, sexual differences and when you are not able to accept their errors. In any of those experiences, you have the opportunity to have strength and value and principles.”

Miss Haiti: “About seven years ago, I survived the earthquake. I felt like I was failing myself, because I was not living my dreams. I was living day by day and although that earthquake was bad event, I chose to be a positive person and learn a great lesson from it… I am here today and it is because I am living my dreams.”