MindGamers: A Brain Control Sci-Fi Movie Will Experiment on Attendees During Premiere, Details

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A trailer from a movie titled MindGamers intrigued the viewers with its plot in November. The footage revealed that story centers on the discovery of control over human’s subconscious. However, as more reports surfaced, it looks like the filmmakers have a larger plan as well.

A press release from the filmmakers has announced that their team of scientist will also be conducting an unprecedented event during their film’s premiere. It has been revealed that over 1000 members from the audience will be selected for a real-time experiment.

Dr, Tim Mullen, a neuroscientist working alongside the movie spoke to Forbes. The doctor’s comment was shocking yet intriguing as well. “We are going to attempt the world’s first mass brain-control experiment,” said Dr. Mullen.

Scientist to Conduct Real-Time “Mind Control” Experiment

As controversial as the statement sounds, there’s more to it. Terra Mater Films has tagged along with Quisp Neurotechnology to organize and host MindGamers: One Thousand Minds Connected Live event. The production company has also patterned with Fathom Events to screen the movie.

“While this live event takes place, 1,000 people from the movie theater audience will participate in the experiment by wearing a cognition headband. These headbands will enable scientists to capture the cognition state of the participants simultaneously via cloud technology and collect data in real time. The result will be a world-first image of a mass-mind state (the likes and scale of which has never been attempted), which could drive our research into the nature of human cognition for years to come,” the press statement reads.

MindGamer Production Company Team Up With Neuroscientist For Experiment

This is the first attempt by filmmakers to bring a Sci-fi concept alive in reality. Fans must note that this experiment is not based on manipulation of the human mind. It aims to collect data of 1000 attendees in real time and process their interpretation.

MindGamers will be hitting theaters in late March. The movie stars Sam Neill and Tom Payne. It is scheduled to hit theaters on March 28.

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