Miguel Ferrer Dies at 61: Granger Leaves Behind Episodes of ‘NCIS Los Angeles’

Miguel Ferrer Dies at 61: Granger Leaves Behind Episodes of ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ PHOTOGRAPH: @mjf789/Official Instagram account |

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Miguel Ferrer died on Thursday after battling cancer. He died at the age of 61 on January 19. The episode titled Hot Water may have foreshadowed his death. It showed Granger getting stabbed and seriously wounded. Season 8’s episode 13 left Granger’s condition as a cliffhanger. The episode aired on January 15. Four days later, the actor lost his battle to cancer.

Miguel Ferrer dead: Actor died from throat cancer

People reported that Ferrer had throat cancer. He passed away at his home, together with his family and loved ones. His family confirmed his death. NCIS: LA showrunner R. Scott Gemmill said that the actor was a man of tremendous talent and a huge heart. Gemmill added that the whole NCIS: Los Angeles team lost a beloved family member.

Despite the sudden death of the actor, fans had the idea that he’ll be leaving the series. Before NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 aired, an actor already gave a hint about a character’s departure. According to EOnline, LL Cool J, who plays agent Sam Hanna, teased that someone will die in season 8. The actor was quoted saying “#Somebody’s got to die” which hinted that a character’s death.

Fans thought that the actor was pertaining to Daniela Ruah’s character, Kensi Blye. During a dangerous mission in Syria, Kensi was badly injured and slipped into coma. In real life, Ruah was on a maternity leave. All eyes turned to Ferrer’s character after he revealed about his illness.

The actor’s real-life illness was featured on the series

The actor’s health issues in real life were addressed on the series. In one episode, Owen Granger revealed to Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) that he has serious illness. Ferrer’s character went on a series of tests in the past episodes. Ferrer joined the show in 2012 and became a series regular in 2013. However, he had few scenes and episodes with the show’s latest season.

The actor looked weak and frail that speculations about his health started. It seemed like the actor’s real-life illness took a toll on his voice which was noticeable. At the latter part of 2016, there were rumors that speculated on Ferrer’s deteriorating health. The rumors were fueled by the fact that Ferrer had fewer scenes on the show accompanied with his frail appearance. The rumors were debunked for a while. The public thought that everything is fine with the actor until his family confirmed the sad news.

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