Microsoft Surface Phone Photos Might Have Just Leaked, Details Here

Microsoft Surface Phone Photos Might Have Just Leaked, Details Here he signe bearing Microsoft logo at the entrance of the German Microsoft campus. – Johannes Hemmerlein / Wikimedia Commons,

The Microsoft Surface Phone is generating buzz after some photos leaked online. Microsoft’s foldable phone has been the talk of the town since the company hinted about it in 2009. During that year, the company presented the concept of foldable phones, which was seemingly abandoned. Almost a decade later, it seemed like the tech giant have not fully left the concept.

The rumor mill about a possible new Microsoft phone started last year. On December 2016, photos of the new device gave out information to the public. The phone looked like a phablet, an infusion of phone and tablet. The images showed a white smartphone with design elements similar to Nokia Lumia.

The concept claimed that the Surface Phone is the ultimate device a person will ever need. Microsoft might be the biggest name in the laptop industry, but the same cannot be said in the smartphone market. Over the years, the company was not able to establish its name in the industry. This reason might have fueled the company to innovate smartphones. According to Nokia Power User, the company worked on perfecting the device after it cancelled Lumia devices.

Microsoft received approval for new patent

The leaked photos were not the only evidence of the existence of the Microsoft Surface Phone. According to PC World, the company received the approval for a patent filed on October 2014. The reports added fuel to the fire. The rumor mill continues to believe that Microsoft is working on a foldable phone based on this.

The patent involves a flexible hinge and display. The hinge would allow the phone to transform into a tablet and vice versa. Unfortunately, the company will not release the phone anytime soon. As of the moment, Microsoft is working on the concept for a future device.

Microsoft fans are excited on this development; however, it must be noted that it might not see production stage. There are thousands of Microsoft patents that never got into production. Despite the probability that the concept might not be delivered, the public sees a glimpse of the company’s vision for its devices.

Alleged leaked photo of the Microsoft Surface phone

Microsoft’s new patent resembles a foldable phone

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