Microsoft Surface Phone Might Feature Foldable Displays To Edge Apple, Samsung Flagships

Microsoft Surface Phone Might Feature Foldable Displays To Edge Apple, Samsung Flagships Microsoft Surface Phone C-osett / Flickr

The new batch of mobile phones are expected in 2017 and all may come with something special other than OLED panels. Apple and Samsung have been linked to potential foldable phones so it may not be surprising to find the alleged Microsoft Surface Phone doing the same.

While Samsung Display is expected to aid in the curved OLED displays for Apple in 2017, the bigger picture could be in 2018. LG Display will pick it up a notch with foldable OLED screens in 2018, not only for Apple but major players like Google and Microsoft as well, ETNews reported.

While Google does have the Pixel phone to work on, Microsoft has yet to reveal its mobile phone offering since the Microsoft Lumia 950. Regardless, most are under the impression that the mythical Surface Phone will come out next year.

Foldable displays could be an option for the Microsoft Surface Phone, all of which may depend on what the Redmond company introduces in 2017. Foldable displays are expected to rush in by 2018, possibly upping the stakes of smartphones from companies hoping to get one over the other, BGR reported.

Microsoft Surface Phone Bringing Up The Rear

It should be noted that until an actual Surface Phone comes out in the open, Microsoft will be sitting back and checking how the market responds to foldable OLED devices. Being a new technology to the market, this could be a wise move.

Coming out first in the tech world is an advantage though it includes problems in the mix. The Surface Phone will be the new player in the mix (should it come out) and the approach could be a keen way to deviate what must be retained, done away with or improved on.

For now, most are awaiting how the curved OLEDs pan out. Once that is settled, attention should shift to the foldable displays in 2018.