In Mexico, a Bengal Tiger is One Man’s Best Friend

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In Mexico, a Bengal Tiger is One Man’s Best Friend PHOTOGRAPH: Unsplash/Pixabay Public Domain | Bengal Tiger Tiger Forestry Bengal Wildlife Cat

A man took out a Bengal tiger for a walk in a neighborhood in Tijuana, border city in Mexico. Unfortunately, Mexican environmental authorities seized the tiger.

Bengal Tiger: One Man’s Best Friend

On Tuesday, the attorney general’s office for environmental protection gave a statement saying that the 4-month-old tiger was inhabiting a private home with children. The owner had papers claiming that he recently bought the tiger, which was discovered in good health but had no claws.

After officials seized the animal, it was temporarily placed in a local zoo. The owner, according to authorities, did not take proper security and animal-welfare measures, as reported by FOX News.

In fact, the man was walking the tiger with a dog leash. It was during that time a resident called the police.

Accordingly, law enforcement authorities caught the man in Lion Street, located in a low-income neighborhood of Tijuana. Police found out that the tiger lived as a pet in the man’s home. Moreover, the animal lived with the man’s family, which has children.

According to officials, exotic animals in Mexico must be given proper space. They said that these animals must have access to veterinary care, according to UPI.

Exotic animals must maintain a proper diet, too. In contrast, the man’s home was not apt for Mexico’s exotic pets laws.

Bengal Tiger: About The Species

This particular breed of tiger is found mainly in India. Smaller populations can be found in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar.

In India, tiger reserves were created in the 1970s to stabilize the number of tigers. However, poaching is still ongoing; thus, these tiger are still at risk, as per WWF. They are believed to be the second largest species of tiger, though on average larger than the Siberian tiger.

The species have a yellow or light orange coat. They also have black or dark brown stripes and a white belly, according to A-Z Animals. These tigers are also carnivorous. They hunt by stalking the prey until they catch it off guard.

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