Mercury Retrograde 2018: Top 10 Tweets to Guide You through Survival

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Mercury Retrograde 2018: Top 10 Tweets to Guide You through Survival PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/Under Creative Commons |

The first of three Mercury Retrogrades this year has started on March 22 and will last until April 15. Like any other Mercury Retrogrades in the past, many believe that this celestial event will wreak havoc on people’s relationships, careers, travels, gadgets, and overall well-being.

Technically, Mercury is in retrograde when it travels the course opposite of Earth. All planets orbit from east to west around the sun, but Mercury is in retrograde means it travels from west to east.

People think that Mercury Retrograde brings chaos to humans in the form of miscommunications and bad decision-making. Anything can go wrong for no apparent reason apart from Mercury reversing from its natural course. Couples suddenly become unreasonable, cars suddenly malfunction, photos suddenly disappear from iPhones; or worse come to worse people can find themselves crying over something that happened ages ago.

As pointed out by Time, the belief that planet Mercury rules communication have brought about the untoward perceptions about the celestial event. So much so, that when the planet reverses its orbit, people expect that the natural flow of all forms of communications will have reversals as well.

Due to widespread miscommunications, astrologers have always advised against making decisions and starting any new undertaking when Mercury is in retrograde. This includes delaying contract signings for new job offers or business deals and establishing a new romantic relationship. They have been reminding everyone that this particular time needs patient and clarity of mind.

One astrologer at Gifted Astrology is particularly warning everyone about the potential widespread of selfishness during the Mercury Retrograde this month. “This Mercury Retrograde will be in Aries, the sign of action and the assertive self, so people will be putting their own priorities first during this transit. During this retrograde other people’s motivations may seem highly selfish, so if that comes up, take a deep breath, get the facts straight and say namaste to yourself before you open your mouth,” the astrologer tells Bustle.

The second Mercury Retrograde will happen from July 26 until August 18. The third episode will happen on November 16 until December 6.

Meanwhile, Daily Disruption has compiled 10 tweets from people who had experienced how Mercury Retrograde can really impact people: