Mentally Ill Teen Tortured On Facebook Live: Photo And Names Of Suspects Revealed

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Mentally Ill Teen Tortured On Facebook Live: Photo And Names Of Suspects Revealed All Hated and Damned from Wetsun/Flickr by 2.0

Four people committed hate crimes against a mentally ill teenager from Crystal Lake, Chicago, which was captured on camera and released on Facebook Live. Only recently the police released the names and photographs of the suspects.

A mentally disable 18-year old was physically restrained, verbally abused and tortured in multiple ways by four Afro-American individuals. The suspects were arrested on Tuesday, when a neighbor filed a noise complaint.

How A Mentally Ill Teenager Was Tortured

The suspects have been identified as Jordan Hill, 18, Tesfaye Cooper, 18, Brittany Covington, 18, and Tanishia Covington, 24. They have been charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated illegal restraint.

It all started when the victim’s parents let the victim visit Hill’s house thinking that he was invited for a sleepover. Instead, Hill kidnapped the victim, drove him around in a stolen van for a few days before reaching a house in Chicago, where two of the others lived.

What followed was a nightmare for the victim, who has been determined as having “special needs.” The suspects cut off a portion of his hair so close to the scalp that it started bleeding. Other tortures included dousing his open wounds with cigarette ash, water-boarding his head in the toilet and pelting him with racial slurs.

Was This A Hate Crime?

After three days of continued torture, the victim finally got a chance to escape after two of suspects took off to kick down the door of the neighbor who has lodged the complaint against them. He was found in a pitiful state by the police, walking down the streets, near the area.

The victim was rushed to a hospital, where he is currently being treated. “He’s doing well, as well as he could be at this time,” David Boyd, the brother-in-law of the victim has told New York Daily News.

Was it a hate crime? Despite the fact that the suspects were seen pointing at the crouching victim in the video and shouting hate remarks against whites and Donald Trump, the police has yet to brand the incident as a hate crime.

“They’re young adults. And they make stupid decisions,” Area North Cmdr. Kevin Duffin told Chicago Tribune. “That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime to determine whether this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.”

All the four suspects are scheduled to appear before the court on Friday. Below is the video which documented the torture inflicted on the victim. The following video contains graphic content which might be disturbing to many viewers.

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