Meghan Markle vs Cressida Bonas: Find Out Who’s Compatible With Prince Harry

Meghan Markle vs Cressida Bonas: Find Out Who’s Compatible With Prince Harry PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/KoenbrNZ |

Cressida Bonas made a controversial revelation about her past relationship with Prince Harry on Sunday. According to her people kept saying that her relationship with the prince helped her land her major lead roles. However, this was not what really happened. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle’s high school picture had been going round the internet, with many people saying she looks as if she was destined to be a princess.

Is Cressida Bonas Ungrateful of Prince Harry?

Bonas may have debuted in the big screen with the film Tulip Fever, she however said that the road was not easy. She explained that her debut role came late because her relationship with Prince Harry stunted her. “I think everyone has put me in a box because I was with you know who,” Bonas told Daily Mail. “It’s frustrating because I work really hard. I wish more people had seen my performance in The Great Gatsby,” she added.

Meghan Markle, the Homecoming Royal

A day after Bonas revealed her grudge against Prince Harry, a photo of Markle in high school was being shared online. The photo, first reported by the Daily Mail, showed Prince Harry’s current girlfriend when she was chosen as the homecoming queen. People’s reactions were all positive with majority saying that she has what it is to really become a queen. Judging by fans’ reactions towards the two girls, it could be said that they are more in favor of the Suits actress.

Who is the More Compatible Partner to Prince Harry?

Considering they are both actresses, which one is the more compatible pairing? Perhaps one of the most important thing is family when it comes to dating a royal. Most of Harry’s exes come from high society aristocratic families. In fact, Bonas is the youngest daughter of Lady Mary-Gaye Cuzon, as noted by The Sun.

Markle, on the other hand, comes from a more humble background. Her mother was a travel agent who is now a yoga instructor. Her dad is a retired photography director.

Based on this alone, it would be safe to say that Bonas definitely the more compatible one. However, when she was still with the prince she could not take the immense pressure put on her by the public. Known as a “laid back” person, Bonas found it very difficult to cope with the attention of being a potential princess-in-waiting.

This is where Markle steps in as the more compatible mate for Prince Harry. Mainly because she has been able to cope well with the attention and manages to keep details of her relationship private. She has got lots of practice from her life as a Hollywood star and is able to separate public and private matters entirely.

More points for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Relationship

Also Markle, according to Daily Mail, came at a right time in the prince’s life. Not only is Harry very happy to be with her, they are both on the same page of taking things up a notch. In fact, she is reportedly “living” with the prince in his cottage in Kensington Place. When she is not filming Suits in Toronto, she flies over to London to spend her free time with Harry. The two met while he was promoting the Invictus Games in Toronto. While the royal watchers are thrilled that the prince has found his match, the royal family is said to be against it. This is because she is an actress and the royals reportedly do not want any association with Hollywood.


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