Meet Kuri The Robot: He Can Be Your Best Buddy, Or Your Kids’ Nanny

Meet Kuri The Robot: He Can Be Your Best Buddy, Or Your Kids’ Nanny Kuri Mayfield Robotics / Kuri Pressroom

It was nearly two years ago when Disney Pixar introduced Big Hero Six’s Baymax. Everyone was on a high, wanting to own a robot like Baymax.

Now, it looks like the public is about to get what they want: a robot best buddy or a kid’s nanny. Get to know more about Kuri the robot here.

Bosch start-up Mayfield Robotics is in the process of making a personality-driven home robot. On January 3, the company officially gave us a glimpse of Kuri the robot, Mayfield’s project for about two years now.

It’s safe to say that many are familiar with home robots like Pepper and Jibo. However, we have not seen any of them making their way to mainstream use. In the present, as per The Verge, Google Home and Amazon Echo are well-known home robots. Both answer bizarre questions, play music on command, and even turn smart appliances on and off.

Meet Kuri The Robot

So what are Kuri’s differences from the aforementioned robots?

First, Mayfield emphasized the importance of its personality during the design process. That could be seen in Kuri’s expressive eyes and demeanor.

Unlike other home robots, Kuri is on wheels. It is also voice-controlled, responding to all sorts of things around the house. It’s like your robot buddy following you around while blasting music.

However, Kuri isn’t compatible with music streaming services like Apple or Spotify, at least not yet. Instead, it would serve as a Bluetooth speaker on wheels. Mayfield, meanwhile, is currently working on partnerships.

Kuri’s Other Features

As of the moment, Cnet noted that Kuri is still undergoing improvements. Meanwhile, here are other features the owners would enjoy:

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Three-hour battery life
  • A four-microphone array to hear voice commands
  • 20 inches tall and 14 pounds
  • 1080p camera
  • Sensors to map out rooms and objects to avoid falling over edges

If you want to have a Kuri, you can pre-order. It costs around $700. It will be available in the U.S. upon launch. Stay tuned!