Mechanic Gets Working Under The Hood While Car Is Moving

Mechanic Gets Working Under The Hood While Car Is Moving Mechanic Free for Commercial Use / Flickr cc

In what can be described as bizarre, a video showing a mechanic trying to repair a moving car has recently made it to news. The man under the hood assumed to be a repairman, was trying to fix some issues that the car was facing.

When locals were questioned, they confirmed the car as having some steering issue, which the mechanic was trying to fix. The video comes from a Dalian parking lot in China’s Liaoning Province.

What Can Be Seen In The Video

A man can be seen in the video, lying inside the open hood of a sedan that was moving in circles. Apparently, the man was trying to work on the vehicle’s engine when they filmed the video.

It is a rather unconventional approach to fix a car, to lay perched by the engine under the open hood while the vehicle was in motion. But the mechanic was trying to mend a steering problem, which had to be adjusted while the car was being driven.

The video recorded Dec. 13, was shared by Newsflare, an online video news community. They put the video in loop to help views watch the bizarre footage till they get a grasp of it.

The Mechanic’s Skill

The car spun in circles while the repairman tried to sort the steering issue, local reports said. Also noteworthy is the driver’s control over the car. He was seen doing perfect circles while driving the car as the mechanic worked on the vehicle.

It seemed that the mechanic knew how to manuever the car while doing repairs. He might have done a similar thing in the past or it might be just his lucky day.

Either way, the bizarre video grabbed the attention of viewers. The Chinese are often seen doing bizarre things and this one really adds to the list.