MCU: Doctor Doom, Mephisto, Modok, Starfox Among Possible Roles For Peter Dinklage In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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MCU: Doctor Doom, Mephisto, Modok, Starfox Among Possible Roles For Peter Dinklage In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ PHOTOGRAPH: Marvel India Official Facebook Page |

Last week, a new actor was revealed to be in early talks to play a role in Avengers: Infinity War. Surprisingly, Marvel is bringing in a new cast member for the Russo Brothers mega-movie. Peter Dinklage is the actor eyeing for a “key role.”

It is currently unknown which character the Game of Thrones actor is in discussion to play for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. However, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. A list of possible roles that could be pulled off by Dinklage has been compiled and listed.

A report on Heroic Hollywood suggests that Doctor Doom, Mephisto, Modok, Starfox and a few other characters are possible villain roles for Peter Dinklage in MCU. These characters are known for their intellectual ability in the fictional universe, matching Dinklage’s character in Game of Thrones. Furthermore, fans must note that the roles are speculations and possibilities predicted based on characters sensible to be cast in Avengers: Infinity War.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Could Cast Peter Dinklage

First up is Doctor Doom. He is mostly known for his appearance as a villain in Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, the cinematic version of Fantastic Four miserably failed to succeed in appealing to the audience as well as earning at the box office.

Doctor Doom is a significant villain in Marvel. But the rights for the character are under Fox ownership. However, as mentioned by Heroic Hollywood, an earlier photo shared by Avengers: Infinity War directors was speculated by fans to look similar to Doom’s country. The rumor gained more momentum after Russo brothers deleted the photo soon after.

Doom relies on his ability of intellect, unlike others. It’s possible for Dinklage to pull it off. Next up is Mephisto. Fortunately, the character is now owned by Marvel as a villain in Ghost Rider’s realm.

GoT Actor’s Character Could Be a Villain In MCU

Mephisto is known for working under Thanos as chief advisor. The twisted villain has always had his eye on the infinity gauntlet for his selfish desires. The character requires an actor such as Dinklage with the ability to remain cunning and cold as he manipulates Thanos to make the wrong decisions.

Marvel’s Modok is a character highly suggested to be played by Dinklage. The actor’s role in Game of Thrones was compared to Modok by Heroic Hollywood. Moreover, the Marvel villain’s height and intellectual matches Dinklage as well.

If Dinklage plays the role, it’s likely fans won’t get to see the actor, since Modok would appear as a CGI version. Moreover, the origin story of the villain won’t be touched as well due to Thanos having primary significance in the movie. Others such as Starfox have also been considered. Fans can check out the list here.

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