‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Release Date: BioWare Might Consider Nintendo Switch Edition

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Release Date: BioWare Might Consider Nintendo Switch Edition Some of the characters from the game. Screengrab taken from Youtube / Mass Effect.

The Mass Effect Andromeda release date is still on everyone’s mind, but the studio releasing the game has another surprise.

Games with mind-blowing graphics offering immersive experience aren’t made overnight. These games usually take years to make, as there are so many elements the designers need to focus on.

Apart from the game itself, fans of the Mass Effect franchise look forward to some gameplay footage, a first official look at how the game works, serving as the determining factor to purchase.

New Gameplay

The official Mass Effect Twitter account announced that a new gameplay trailer will reveal more environments and gameplay. The release will take place on January 4, 2017.

Another Mass Effect gameplay trailer was released in December. It was released during The Game Awards 2016 and was presented in an infomercial style, with a narrator explaining the mechanics of the game.

There weren’t a lot of details given, apart from the return of the Turians and a Krogan teammate. One thing is for sure: the 4K graphics are definitely mind-blowing.


A New Home For Gaming

There are a lot of people looking forward to this game, but there may be a catch. According to Stevivor, Mass Effect series producer Michael Gamble said that they might bring the game to Nintendo Switch.

Switch is the company’s newest console set to launch within a few months. Despite the hype behind it, major publishers are playing safe in supporting the new console. Electronic Arts and BioWare are two companies that are cautious in investing into the new console.

While BioWare is playing safe right now, Gamble noted that a Mass Effect Andromeda release for Switch could happen in the future. This, provided that there is enough demand for it.