Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Release Date: What We Know About The Rumored 2017 Game

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Release Date: What We Know About The Rumored 2017 Game Marvel vs Capcom Nelo Hotsuma / Flickr

The Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite release date is all seasoned gamers want to know about.

The classic games are making a comeback in a big way as more and more games are getting remastered or rebooted. Although getting older games in a new form brings back nostalgia, brand new material on the classics are more exciting.

Games used to bit games in arcades and people had to go to out of their way to play. After the release of home gaming consoles, people are able to enjoy themselves at the comfort of their own home. This goes in saying that, the gaming companies had to bring their arcade games to the new consoles.

Something Familiar

This time around its all about upgraded classics. According to Game Rant, the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite release date will be in 2017. The game was initially announced a the 2016 Playstation Experience event.

Many gamers are familiar with the game’s predecessors and were surprised with how far the game was already in development. This is because games that are usually announced at the event are going to head into production or are in the early stages of it. So when the game was announced, it was a big surprise the game was already finished.

Youtube/Game Trailers

While fans of the Marvel and Capcom games are already saving up to get their copy of the game, there is some bad news. On 4Gamer, Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano accidentally revealed the game will be released later this year. This would put the upcoming game right in the middle of the Fall rush season.

Den Of Geek reported that the game will feature 2 vs 2 battles and add more gameplay features. One of this is the ability to equip the Infinity Stones that provide unique powers in-game. It also reported the confirmed list of characters so far.

The X-Men aren’t confirmed yet but Captain America, Iron Man, Mega Man X, Captain Marvel, Ryu, and Morrigan are. Fingers crossed the exact Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite targeting release date gets announced soon.