Marvel Movies: ‘Kingpin’ Has No Room in Future Avengers Film

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Marvel Movies: ‘Kingpin’ Has No Room in Future Avengers Film PHOTOGRAPH: Official Daredevil Facebook Page | Marvel’s Daredevil

Lately, fans have been expecting Marvel to announce Kingpin as the next new character in the cinematic universe. The character made a jaw-dropping stance in Marvel’s Daredevil thanks to Vincent D’Onofrio. Since then, it has been an unanswered query whether the actor could transition to the big screen.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that Vincent D’Onofrio won’t be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or rather, anytime soon in the upcoming line-up. The news was revealed by none other than the Kingpin actor himself.

Vincent D’Onofrio recently had a chat with Digital Spy. The actor was promoting his upcoming series Emerald City. Eventually, a question regarding his role in MCU was thrown.

Marvel Studios Won’t Bring In Kingpin

The interviewer asked whether D’Onofrio as Kingpin has a future in MCU. The actor revealed that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that he won’t be appearing in MCU. Moreover, D’Onofrio believes it is the right move.

He said, “I would love to switch over to the movies, but I think it’s pretty much been said it’s not going to happen. Or at least not for a very, very long time. I think Kevin Feige explained that, and that’s what makes the most sense, he said the film universe is too jam-packed. It’s hard enough already, and if they keep bringing big characters in that they have to service in the writing, it’s not gonna work. They’re trying to figure out already how to individualise more and at the same time keep The Avengers going. It makes sense not to mix the TV stuff, there’s just too many characters.”

Earlier, it was discussed by the Russo brothers and writer Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely about including over 70 different cast members from previously released titles. Cinema Blend pointed out that including more casts from the Marvel TV series would be “too much to deal” with, even though Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest superhero movie in production.

Kevin Feige Confirmed Vincent D’Onofrio His Casting Is Not Possible In Upcoming Movies

Vincent D’Onofrio recently played a role in the upcoming CHiPs. The actor plays Vic Brown. The R-rated comedy movie is slated to release on March 24.

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