Marvel Comics Sales Plummets, DC Rebirth ‘Continues To Sell To New Fans’

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Marvel Comics Sales Plummets, DC Rebirth ‘Continues To Sell To New Fans’ DC Films Facebook

Marvel’s Civil War and Avengers may have dominated DC Extended Universe last year, but the comic publishing sector has failed to compete with DC Rebirth at sales. Recently, a report from comic retailers has revealed details that DC Comics sales are better than Marvel Comics.

According to an exclusive report from Bleeding Cool, a retailer revealed that Marvel’s best sellers “Spider-Man/Deadpool” have been “dropping off a lot these last two or three months.” The reason was centered towards “the over-saturation of Deadpool” in the comic.

Marvel Comics Fans Turn To DC Rebirth

While Marvel’s comic seems to be dropping at sales, another retailer said “DC Rebirth continues to sell to new fans, returning fans and casual fans.” Moreover, it was shocking to hear that “long time [Marvel] customers seem to be enjoying DC a lot more these days.”

Marvel and DC have been rivals in the comic industry for a long time. Moreover, fans from both sides have fought over them as well. However, it looks like DC Rebirth’s new issues have succeeded in pulling customers from its rival.

Marvel’s “Civil War II” was one of the best issues in 2016. Moreover, its sales weren’t financial affected as well. However, it looks like Marvel Comics still wasn’t able to dominate DC Rebirth.

DC Rebirth Dominates Sales In Stores

It looks like Marvel has just been hit with a small set back. But a retailer said its “sales have never been this low in our store in the last 15 years.”

Bleeding Cool has also posted the top 10 bestseller list based on the information provided by stores. Unfortunately, “Civil War II #8” is the Marvel comic to bag a spot in the list.

DC Comics was able to bag 8 spots in the entire list. Moreover, “Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7”received the 1st place as the best seller. Fans have been suggesting Marvel will soon bounce back from its downfall. However, DC Rebirth has also been prepping to release its best titles for 2017.