Mars Atmosphere Still Capable Of Bringing Martians Back To Life

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Mars Atmosphere Still Capable Of Bringing Martians Back To Life PHOTOGRAPH: ESO/M. Kornmesser/Wikimedia Commons | Eso1509a – Mars planet

An analysis using NASA images revealed that Mars has varied water sources and could still potentially support life forms.

A video uploaded by YouTube channel of Martian Archaeology showed astonishing revelations about the barren planet for the first time. The video, which uses images from NASA, revealed that Red planet has various bodies of water.

Anomalies On Mars

It claimed that with a substantial supply of water, Mars could still host alien life. The video shows various anomalies on the planet’s surface that would suggest that water still flows in some areas.

It was showed what appeared to be running water and a pool of ground water in the middle of a vast sandy surface. The video noted that its claim is supported by substantial data from no less than NASA itself.

Apart from sources of water, the video added that atmosphere still exists on the Red planet. Both water supply and atmosphere are among the most essential elements for the survival of any life forms.

Life On Mars

The video clip also shows a cloud formation above the Martian soil, exactly the same cloud formations found here on Earth. The video also suggests that swirling wind exists on the planet.

The video’s claim was actually corroborated, at least partly, by NASA scientists. Based on a report published in Space, on-going studies on Mars’ habitability revealed that the Red planet could potentially support life after all.

What scientists have learned so far is that not all parts of Mars are arid. In fact, evidences confirmed that water does flow in some parts of the planet occasionally. Scientists suggests it’s too early to conclude that alien life is out of question on Mars.

Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona, who leads NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft said the question about Mars supporting life forms can’t just be ruled out this time.