Margot Robbie Reading on Harley Quinn, Hinted for ‘Gotham City Sirens’

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Margot Robbie Reading on Harley Quinn, Hinted for ‘Gotham City Sirens’ Margot Robbie, Facebook

Margot Robbie could soon get back in the shoes of Harley Quinn at DCEU. The actress was recently confirmed to be playing a lead role in “Gotham City Sirens.” While it was hinted to be three-way female supervillain team-up movie, it is possible for other characters to appear as well.

A photo of the actress was recently shared on Reddit. It was revealed that the picture was captured on November 2, 2016. However, fans seem to have missed an important detail on the picture.

Margot Robbie can be seen reading a comic book in the photo. Moreover, it’s DC Comics’ “Harley Quinn Vol 3. Kiss Kiss Bang Stab,” a collection of Harley Quinn comics bundled together in a graphic novel.

Margot Robbie Could Date The Batman

It’s possible that the actress was reading the comic book for pleasure. Since her role as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad,” Margot Robbie has revealed her utmost love for the character in DC Universe.

It’s also likely that Margot Robbie is reading on the character for her upcoming DC movie. Currently, the actress is a producer for “Gotham City Sirens,” confirmed to be directed by David Ayer.

The recent report by Comic Book confirmed that “Robbie was scanning page 34 of the Valentine’s Day Special.” It also wrote, “That story, which is titled ‘Just Batty Over You,’ involves Harley Quinn robbing from a crooked, greedy Wall Street banker and using those funds to win a date with millionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne — who auctioned himself off to raise money for an animal shelter.”

Gotham City Sirens Possibility Of Including Cameos

Due to the involvement of The Batman in the Harley Quinn comic, it has been speculated that the Dark Knight could appear in “Gotham City Sirens.” Batman News also wrote, “Robbie reading a Batman heavy Harley Quinn comic gives me hope that the Dark Knight himself could make a cameo in Gotham City Sirens”.

Since Margot Robbie is also the producer of the DC Movie, the actress faces the decision to include well-known characters in the film. Currently, this opens up the possibility for the appearance of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

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