Mar A Lago Room Rates: See If You Can Afford Donald Trump, Melania Vacation

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Mar A Lago Room Rates: See If You Can Afford Donald Trump, Melania Vacation PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Daniel Huizinga |

President Donald Trump and Melania’s trip to Mar-a-Lago was estimated to raked three million dollars from taxpayer’s money. The Mar A Lago has also recently doubled its membership fee. The price hike reportedly took place after Trump won the White House seat. Could the average American afford the kind of vacation the president is having?

Mar-A-Lago Price Hikes

A recent controversial issue is the membership hike at Trump Organizations’ Mar A Lago resort. According to CNBC, the initiation fee was doubled to $200,000 following Trump’s election as President. Those who were close to the Florida resort noted that the increase took effect on January 1, 2017.

There were reports that the resort was considering an increase for a while now and Trump’s victory seemed to have given the perfect opportunity to finally do this. While the public wanted to get a comment from the company’s spokesperson, they declined from responding. The company may have expected that the timing of the price hike would add criticism that Trump Organization is trying to benefit from the election.

It should be noted that a membership at Mar A Lago gives people the chance to mingle with the 45th president. If citizens are lucky, they may be at the establishment the same time Trump would be. As he would use his Palm Beach resort as his occasional “Winter White House.” In fact, he has already visited twice since his election. This is another reason why the price hike was established.

Mar-A-Lago Donald Trump, Melania Going On Vacations

While President’s usually get a budget to go on vacations, most of the time they pay for their own lodging and other expenses. In this case, while Trump’s jet-setting may cost taxpayers around $3 million, that could actually already be a discounted price. This is because Trump owns the place.

Nevertheless, Judicial Watch, a non-profit organization, who had always criticized former Barack Obama’s travel abroad, is keeping an eye on Trump’s vacations. According to Politico, the body is planning to file a Freedom of Information Act. The request calls for a full accounting of Trump and Melania’s weekend getaway at Mar-A-Lago.

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