Man of Steel 2 Plot: DCEU Might Adapt Batman v Superman Concept In Sequel

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Man of Steel 2 Plot: DCEU Might Adapt Batman v Superman Concept In Sequel Man of Steel Facebook

Recently the anticipation for Man of Steel 2 was taken to the next level thanks to Dwayne Johnson. The American actor shared a photo on Instagram that teased him to be the main villain in the superman sequel.

Dwayne Johnson was seen sitting beside Henry Cavill and it was revealed that both actors spent Christmas together. Moreover, the photo was also shared by the Man of Steel actor. However, Cavill’s description teased details from his sequel movie.

Superman And Shazam Could Fight Black Adam In Man of Steel 2

Dwayne Johnson was earlier confirmed to play as Black Adam for DCEU. The actor was supposedly hired to play the supervillain in DCEU’s “Shazam”. However, the DC movie has been delayed continuously for reasons unknown.

The recent tease from Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson has hinted that Black Adam could debut in Man of Steel 2. Moreover, it also opens up the possibility for Shazam to likely be cast as a supporting superhero in sequel movie as well.

Earlier, Warner Bros.implemented a similar strategy with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Directed by Zack Snyder. Although the movie received disappointing reviews, it still successfully introduced the new Wonder Woman and Batman on screen.

Black Adam Appearance In Sequel Hinted By Henry Cavill And Dwayne Johnson

If Black Adam is the main villain in Man of Steel 2, Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t be capable of defeating him alone. Black Adam’s main ability rely on Magic. Earlier issues in DC Comics have revealed that Magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses.

Shazam’s main ability is also derived from Magic. Its highly likely that the character will support Superman to fight Black Adam in Man of Steel 2 (if the villain is cast).

Similarly, it’s possible for Man of Steel 2 to introduce Black Adam and Shazam as two new DC Characters into the cinematic universe. Earlier, rumors suggested that Warner Bros. was short listing actors to play as Shazam. Few celebrities also campaigned for the superhero role. However, the studio hasn’t made an announcement yet.