Man Claims he Discovered Mysterious Icy Staircase in Antarctica via Google Earth

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Man Claims he Discovered Mysterious Icy Staircase in Antarctica via Google Earth Antarctica – Andreas Kambanis / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Conspiracy theorists are now speculating if Antarctica is home to a hidden alien base. The rumors began after a man discovered what appears to be a staircase on the icy surface. The discovery was made via Google Earth, prompting many to come up with bizarre theories.

The continent has attracted scientists and adventurers alike with its vast icy wasteland. However, the harsh climate has also made it difficult to traverse and study it. Many explorers lost their lives on ill-fated journeys, some of them never to be seen again.

Antarctica ‘Staircase’ Could Be Proof Of Alien Presence

This near lack of human presence makes it the perfect location to conceal secrets from prying eyes. Nowadays, it is no wonder many see Antarctica as a place where a hidden alien base is likely to be located.

According to The Sun, the image was posted on a conspiracy theory forum, where it quickly attracted attention. The user who posted the photograph of the alleged “staircase” claimed it was taken from Google Earth.

Nonetheless, users were quick to speculate the truth behind the image. For some, the formations are proof of alien activity on the continent. Still, some offered logical explanations, saying that it is just created by Antarctica’s strong winds, or possibly even a glitch in the satellite’s cameras.

According to the Daily Mail, the lack of coordinates cast doubt that the image came from Google Earth. However, a YouTube channel later found coordinates of the image, proving its validity, or at least part of it.

Despite coming from Google’s satellites, there is no credible proof that the formation was, in fact, the work of aliens. Unless a ground team investigates the site, the image will be just another “proof” devoid of validity.

Given the amount of resources and risk involved in sending such an expedition, it is highly unlikely any organization or individual will risk going to Antarctica to find proof of aliens based on a hunch. For now, extraterrestrials and their existence are confined to the fringes of mainstream science. Watch the video from Mail Online below:

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