Maid Fried Pricey Flowerhorn Fish Viral Story is a Hoax

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Maid Fried Pricey Flowerhorn Fish Viral Story is a Hoax fish from Mathias Appel/Flickr with Public Domain by 1.0

In a time when fake news mongering has become a growing industry, it is not surprising that someone would try to play with the feelings of aquatic life lovers. If you drew sighs of pity reading how an Indonesian maid mistakenly fried a pet Flowerhorn fish, you have become a victim of a viral hoax.

Sensational and overly sentimental stories like this have infiltrated Facebook throughout the last year. It is also something Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, had to face the heat for.

Flowerhorn Fish Fied By Maid Story Is Not Real

But despite efforts taken by Facebook to curtail these hoaxes, there seems to be no end to fake news spreaders. One such fake story was shared by the site All Singapore Stuff.

In the post, the user claimed he had gone back home to find his pet Luo Han (Flowerhorn) fish fried and served for dinner by her Indonesian maid. The story instantly went viral, drawing an array of mixed reactions from people.

While some blamed the owner for not leaving clear instructions to the maid, others pointed the finger at the poor employee. One commentator went as far as calling out the maid for being Indonesian. He cited that this type of practice was common in their culture.

After an onslaught of racist and counter-racist comments, user Forest Han pointed out that the story is completely fabricated. He recalled that a similar incident was posted a few years ago. However, it had then taken place in Brunei, and a Tilapia was involved instead of a Flowerhorn.

It’s Time To Start Caring About Facts

Sure enough, a little digging on the internet reveals that the roots of the news goes back 35 weeks ago. The same picture was posted by a Facebook user called Pauline Pau. Even then, it had led to the story going viral.

This proves that the industry that spreads fake news is now recycling the same story over and over again. Moreover, instead of educating people about the marvelously rare species a Flowerhorn fish is, these stories instead focus on the tragic sensation of the incident.

Did you know that Flowerhorns are the most courageous of cichlid category of fishes? Care to find out how easily the male and female species of a Flowerhorn can be distinguished?

According to the Aquarium Story, there are at least six interesting facts about the unique fish. It’s time people started depending on facts rather than redesigned fiction.

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