Magician Found Dead Inside a Closet at The Magic Kingdom

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Magician Found Dead Inside a Closet at The Magic Kingdom PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Sorcerer's Safari Magic camp |

Famous magician Daryl Easton was recently found dead at the Magic Castle. His body was found in the oddest place possible and the police investigated right away. Now the magic community is mourning the loss of the 61-year old.

Daryl Easton Found Dead Inside a Closet

According To The Los Angeles Police Department, 61-year old Easton’s death was ruled as a suicide. He was reportedly found in a closet by an employee at The Magic Castle. The magician was found dressed only in his underwear and had a plastic bag over his head.

Reports say that the paramedics were called to the exclusive magic and illusion performance center in Hollywood around 7:30. That same evening, Easton was pronounced dead at the scene. No doubt, the case is still being investigated and more details have yet to emerge.

Easton was a frequent visitor at The Magic Castle, and would post about it on his social media. He was performing shows all week before his body was found Friday evening. In fact, he was supposed to perform a show around the time his body was discovered, as noted by NBC Los Angeles.

Those who knew him well, knew him as a lecturer and educator as well. The legendary magician did his run of shows, but at the same time he also helped those who wanted to improve their skills as well. For example, he had Youtube videos teaching newbies and amateurs to learn how to perform different magic tricks.

Daryl Easton: His Magic Career

He started performing back in 1962 and performed tricks for people on the streets of San Diego. He was later able to tour with a company in different events around the country. In his 54 years of performing, he invented the illusions of the “Jumping Knot Of Pakistan,” “Presto Printo,” and “Cardboard Chameleons.”

Lastly, when he had time he was also an author. He wrote Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler in 190, and Something For Everyone in 1982. Consequently, these books were targeted towards young magicians who wanted to hone their talent.

The magic community is shocked by the loss of the 61-year old magic legend. Most of them expressed their grief on social media. Most were messages of sympathy and condolences. Others were of messages and stories of how he inspired them or even mentored them.


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